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How To Get Discord On The Steam Deck

Last Updated on July 15, 2024
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So, you’re looking to get Discord on the Steam Deck? Well, you’re in the right place. Our experts at PC Guide have brought together this step-by-step guide to get Discord up and running.

Whether you are playing a multiplayer game and need to talk team strategy or just want some company on your own solo mission, setting up Discord on your Steam Deck will really sort you out. As it stands, Discord does not have an app on the Steam store. However, to get Discord on your Steam Deck isn’t too difficult. We have worked out how to get around this problem in a few easy steps.


Install Discord On The Steam Deck

At the moment, it is an option to download Discord in Desktop Mode on your Steam Deck. Similar to playing games on your laptop, to have Discord and your game running simultaneously, you will need to have both apps open in the background.

Just like a computer, you will be able to switch between them, enabling you to call on Discord whilst fighting your way through your latest multiplayer game.



Switch To Desktop Mode

First things first, you will want to boot up your Steam Deck and go to the ‘Power’ tab in the left-hand bar. Here you will want to select ‘Switch to Desktop’ to enter Desktop Mode.



Open Discover Store

Now that you are in Desktop Mode, you will want to open the ‘Discover Store’ and search for ‘Discord’. Once you find the Discord app you will want to click ‘Install’ to install it.



Launch Discord

Once Discord is installed, you will want to open the app. At this point, Discord will ask you to log in. Just type in your login details as normal, just like you would on your computer or mobile device.



Optimize Discord Settings for Steam Deck

There are a few changes to the settings in Discord that can be done, to improve your experience using the app on a Steam Deck screen.

First, go to the ‘Settings’ section of Discord.

In ‘Appearance’ head to the section called ‘Message Display’. Select ‘Compact: Fit more messages on screen at one time.’

Under ‘Voice Settings’ locate the ‘INPUT DEVICE’ section at the top. Here you will want to select ‘Echo-Cancel Source’ to make sure your audio is as crystal clear as it can be.

Lastly, head to ‘Linux Settings’ and disable the ‘Minimize to Tray’ option as there is no tray option when in Steam Deck Game Mode.



Add Discord To Steam

Now that we have changed our Discord settings, you will now want to add Discord to your ‘Steam Library’.

From here, open ‘Deck Menu’ and search ‘Discord’. Once the Discord App appears you will want to right-click on the icon and select ‘Add to Steam’.



Exit Desktop Mode and Open Game Mode

For the next part of this tutorial, we will need to be in Game Mode. So proceed to log out of Desktop Mode and switch to Game Mode.



Open Non-Steam Library

Now that you are in Game Mode, you will want to open your ‘Library’ using the left-hand tab and locate the ‘Non-Steam’ section.

Here you should see Discord. Click on it to open up the Discord app.



Change Settings

In Discord, we will need to change some settings so you can seamlessly switch between Discord and gaming.

When in Discord, open the Steam overlay, and head to ‘Controller settings’ in the bottom center of your screen.

Here you will want to be in ‘Current Layout’, then ‘Templates’. Scroll down in the ‘Templates’ section to locate the ‘Web Browser’ template and select it.



Launch Your Game

Keeping Discord open, launch the game you would like to play.

To switch between Discord and your game, press the ‘Steam’ button and select either app to alternate between them. Having both apps set up like this, means you can jump between them easily.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! Getting Discord on the Steam Deck is a much lengthier task than it might be on other gaming consoles but not too difficult nonetheless. Discord has a load of useful features from screen sharing to streaming videos and gameplay.

Here at PC Guide, we have a bunch of useful Discord articles if you are looking to learn how to use Discord to its fullest. Be sure to check out our dedicated section here to find out more.

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