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Power Conversion Circuitry

The "guts" of the power supply is usually a circuit board with various electrical components on it, mounted inside the metal box of the supply. All the cables going into and out of the power supply go to this circuit, including those of the remote power switch, if any.

Some of the internal circuitry in a typical power supply. Note the
tan-colored circuit board in the background, into which most of the
components are connected. The silver-colored "fence" a third of the way
down from  the top of the image is part of a heat sink used for cooling of
some of the components. The cable bundle in the foreground goes to the
remote power switch (you may recognize these wires from their colors.)
On the left-hand side, in the middle background, is an integrated circuit.

Original image Kamco Services
Image used with permission.

This circuitry is what is responsible for the work of converting AC to DC within the power supply. It also manages the other power supply functions of course. In newer supplies, many of the features of the power supply are combined into special integrated circuits to reduce space requirements and eliminate manufacturing costs. The circuitry inside the case of the power supply relies on the power supply fan for ventilation and cooling.

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