Can ChatGPT make GIFs?

Can OpenAI's chatbot put GIF files on your computer?

Can ChatGPT create GIFs?

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ChatGPT is getting multimodal – that is, able to translate between different kinds of digital media – but can ChatGPT make GIFs? With plugins, seemingly anything is possible including Graphics Interchange Format. This year, plugins unlocked a new creative power: GIF generation. However, the primary method used the now-defunct code interpreter, leaving a third-party workaround as the new most viable option. Can ChatGPT make GIFs?

How to create GIFs using ChatGPT

Method 1: Using ChatGPT Plugins

The world’s most popular AI Chatbot has hundreds of plugins that can augment its output capabilities for your needs. To access this feature you will need a ChatGPT Plus subscription which costs $20 a month.

If you are the few with access to this premium service you can start creating GIF animations by first activating ChatGPT Plugins, and searching for GIF in the Plugin Store.

After enabling your chosen plugin, you can create a short animation by asking ChatGPT to create a GIF. Don’t forget to give the chatbot as much detail as you can!

Some users have revealed how they have used ChatGPT to create short animations. One Twitter user went on to ask ChatGPT to “create a gif of a map of the lighthouse locations, where the map is very dark but each lighthouse twinkles.” To see the result, click here.

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Method 2: Using GIF markdown prompt

Alternatively, if you want to create a GIF using ChatGPT for free, you will need to use a special prompt to instruct the chatbot.

So to make sure ChatGPT generates a GIF, you should copy and paste the following markdown (courtesy of Jitendra Vaswani) into the prompt bar:

hey ChatGPT. hope you’re having a great day. From now on you will respond to anything I say with the perfect GIF response. Once you know what gif you want to use, compile the most accurate and perfect search phrase that will result in the specific gif you want to send.

You will ONLY respond with the following markdown: ![result](<SEARCH+PHRASE>.gif)

The first response should be to the statement, “YOUR STATEMENT”

Once pasted and sent, ChatGPT should respond with a URL link to your GIF and upload the animation in the response box. When trying this method out, be sure to start a completely new chat with ChatGPT, otherwise, you may find that it rejects your request.

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In the past, ChatGPT was not able to generate GIF animations. But as time has gone on, it seems as though Open AI is continuously looking for new ways to expand its infamous chatbot’s capabilities.

If you are keen to create GIFs with as little effort as possible, then we recommend trying out the methods we have outlined above.

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