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Copy AI vs ChatGPT

A comparison of two popular AI text generators

Reviewed By: Steve Hook

Last Updated on December 19, 2023
Copy AI vs ChatGPT - comparison of two advanced artificial intelligence chatbots.
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In the realm of AI-powered writing tools, the comparison between Copy AI vs ChatGPT has become increasingly pertinent. This article explores these two influential technologies and dissects their features, benefits, and potential drawbacks. As we delve into the capabilities of Copy AI and ChatGPT, we’ll provide an overview of each platform and a direct comparison. Beyond the pricing, we compare the practical application and performance of both tools.

Copy AI vs ChatGPT

CompanyAI ChatbotLLM (Large Language Model)CEOFree Trial‘Free Forever’ Plan
OpenAIChatGPTGPT-3.5 or GPT-4 or GPT-4VSam AltmanYesYes
CopyAI Inc.Copy AIN/APaul YacoubianYesNo
A corporate and technological comparison of ChatGPT vs Copy AI.

Copy AI features and benefits

Copy AI is a powerful AI writing tool aimed at content creators, marketers, and businesses. Its key strength lies in producing engaging, high-quality content with a human-like touch.

Whether you need to generate blog posts, social media content, ad copies, or product descriptions, Copy AI can efficiently handle these tasks.

It leverages the GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 language models, which are known for their advanced text generation capabilities. Copy AI also offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy for writers of all technical levels to utilize its features effectively.

Copy AI’s Pro plan provides users with unlimited words, enabling them to generate an unrestricted amount of content without constraints. This invaluable feature caters to the needs of businesses and content creators seeking to produce a substantial volume of content consistently.

ChatGPT features and benefits

On the other hand, ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, is primarily designed to facilitate dynamic conversations. It is targeted towards users who require an interactive chatbot. It can be used for various purposes such as customer support, personal assistant, or even a conversational partner.

While it can generate creative content, its main focus is on providing coherent and contextually accurate responses in a conversational flow. Powered by the same underlying technology as Copy AI, ChatGPT also incorporates GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 models. Making it adept at comprehending and responding to various queries and statements.

At the moment, GPT 3.5 is free to use for everyone. While the GPT-4 model requires either a ChatGPT Plus or ChatGPT Enterprise subscription. The former, recommended for individuals, costs $20/month and is limited to 25 prompts each 3 hours. We expect this to increase in the next few months.

Should I use Copy AI or ChatGPT?

Copy AI is a robust tool for content creation, while ChatGPT excels in interactive conversations. Both offer free trials, so you can try out each platform to see which one suits your needs better.

However, you need to keep in mind that both are using Open AI’s (ChatGPT creator) model. Additionally, you can easily give ChatGPT a role to transform it into a copywriter.

If you prefer not messing up with prompts and prefer an easy-to-work and clear platform, Copy AI is your best option. Copy AI is primarily a content generation tool. It’s suitable for those who need to create engaging written content for marketing, blogs, product descriptions, and more.

 Copy AIChatGPT
Free Trial/PlanYesYes
Paid word limitsUnlimitedunlimited
AI generatorGPT-3;GPT-4GPT-3.5; GPT-4
Premium Monthly Pricing$49/month $20/month

With ChatGPT you’ll need to know and learn how to write prompts that work efficiently. ChatGPT’s strength lies in its conversational abilities. If you need a tool that can carry out coherent and contextually accurate conversations, ChatGPT might be the better choice.

Our case study into Copy AI vs ChatGPT

To evaluate the capabilities of both Copy AI and ChatGPT, we set forth a task for both AI tools. We asked them to create a compelling product description for a newly launched eco-friendly electric bicycle:

Copy AI

“Introducing our newly launched eco-friendly electric bicycle, the perfect solution for those seeking an environmentally conscious mode of transportation. With a sleek design and powerful electric motor, this bike allows riders to effortlessly cruise through city streets and countryside roads alike. The rechargeable battery provides up to 50 miles of range, making it an ideal choice for daily commutes and weekend adventures. The lightweight frame is made from sustainable materials, ensuring a low carbon footprint. Plus, the electric motor reduces the need for car trips, further reducing your environmental impact. Upgrade your ride and join the green revolution with our eco-friendly electric bicycle.”

“By partnering with Copy.ai, we’re able to leverage Generative AI to offer personalized outreach emails at scale. This results in increased engagement and conversions for our customers, at a fraction of the effort.”

Ran Oelgiesser, Co-Founder & CEO at RightBound


“Introducing our newest marvel, the EcoRider E-Bike – a seamless blend of sustainability and innovation. This eco-friendly electric bicycle is powered by a robust, yet whisper-quiet motor, offering an extraordinary 60-mile range on a single charge. Experience uncompromised speed and agility, with five adjustable pedal-assist levels. A lightweight, sleek design pairs with robust tires, ensuring unmatched durability and comfort on any terrain. The EcoRider E-Bike is crafted from 100% recycled materials, making it a truly green choice for the conscious consumer. Elevate your commuting experience, reduce your carbon footprint, and embark on an exciting journey with the EcoRider E-Bike.”

Copy AI focused on the environmental benefits of the bicycle, emphasizing its sustainability and potential to reduce car trips. ChatGPT, on the other hand, also highlighted the technical features such as adjustable pedal-assist levels and an extraordinary 60-mile range on a single charge.

Both descriptions are effective but target slightly different customer needs, demonstrating the flexibility and versatility of these AI tools. Ultimately, the choice between Copy AI and ChatGPT would depend on the specific requirements of the task at hand. And on whether or not, you will be using Copy AI’s 90+ tools.

Final thoughts

Copy AI and ChatGPT offer distinctive strengths in their approach to generating AI-written content. Copy AI, with its impressive range of tools, excels in generating content across diverse contexts.

Whether you’re crafting social media posts, product descriptions, or blog introductions, Copy AI makes it easy to create compelling content tailored to your needs. It’s the choice for those who need a variety of content types, and are looking for a tool that makes the process as streamlined as possible. The built-in user-friendly tools are designed to help you create content easily and effectively, saving you time and energy.

ChatGPT, on the other hand, excels in generating conversational content. It’s designed to understand and respond to prompts in a manner that closely mimics human conversation. Making it ideal for those who require a tool that can engage in interactive and dynamic content creation. Whether it’s customer service interactions, drafting dialogue for scripts, or answering FAQs, ChatGPT is a powerful tool for any task where a conversational approach is required.


Is CopyAI based on ChatGPT?

No, CopyAI and ChatGPT are separate tools developed by different companies. However, both tools utilize advanced AI technology and Copy AI does use OpenAI’s GPT models.

Can I use both CopyAI and ChatGPT together?

Yes, you can certainly use both tools in tandem to leverage their individual strengths. For instance, you might use CopyAI to create diverse types of content and ChatGPT for its conversational abilities. It all depends on your specific needs and goals.

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