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TikTok is currently testing its new AI-powered chatbot called Tako. With rumors about its potential capabilities flying about, it becomes interesting to see how this chatbot compares to other leading platforms out right now. Continue reading as we compare Tako v ChatGPT.

What is Tako and how does it work?

Tako is TikTok’s confirmed AI chatbot which is currently undergoing testing with a select group of users. This bot is designed to help users with search and discovery on the platform. It provides TikTokers the option to find new reels and videos through AI-powered suggestions.

Unfortunately, this new feature is not released to the wider public yet and TikTok hasn’t made any official statements suggesting when we could expect to see this bot.

What is ChatGPT and how does it work?

ChatGPT is a wildly popular AI chatbot that was released near the end of last year by the San Francisco tech firm, OpenAI. This chatbot is by far the most famous and utilized platform out right now.

This AI tool has gained massive amounts of attention since its launch due to its ability to write entire essays, translate languages and assist with various marketing tasks.

ChatGPT is free to use and is widely accessible making it a popular option for anyone looking for some AI assistance. It is powered by OpenAI’s large language models, notably GPT-3.5 and GPT-4. These models are the backbone of many AI tools you can find nowadays including Jasper Chat and Bing AI.

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Tako v ChatGPT: Which chatbot should you consider?

Release DateUnreleasedNovember 2022
Main FeaturesAI-powered conversational chatbot
(Speculated to use OpenAI’s models)
Conversational AI chatbot
Built on OpenAI’s GPT-4
Draws information from data it’s trained on
AccessibilityLimited to a group of testersFree to the public
$20 monthly subscription (ChatGPT Plus)
UsesAssist in the search and discovery of TikTok reels
Question answering
Generate reports and summaries
Create marketing material
Perform language translation
Generate ideas
Write code and essays
Explain complex concepts
Understand image inputs

Tako and ChatGPT have their fair share of similarities and differences which can help you understand which chatbot is best for you.

In terms of similarities, TikTok’s chatbot is rumored to be powered by the same model as ChatGPT. This could very well mean that Tako’s responses could closely follow those of ChatGPT.

Screenshots from fans with early access to Tako reveal that this new AI chatbot will have a similar user interface to ChatGPT. It seems as though you can submit a question or prompt to Tako and it will respond in a conversational tone.

There really aren’t many similarities after that – to be honest. Tako is designed to work specially for TikTok. The AI is created to help users discover new reels and videos based on their suggestions and prompts. Tako may have other functionalities too but from what we know so far it seems as though Tako’s uses are limited.

ChatGPT is a very versatile chatbot that can help you with a number of different tasks. It definitely makes more sense to opt for OpenAI’s chatbot if you need help drafting emails, creating blog posts, or need assistance with any other text-generation task.

Final Thoughts

TikTok has kept its new AI chatbot safely under wraps while it undergoes testing. From what we’ve seen so far it seems as though Tako won’t be a direct competitor to ChatGPT but potentially an enhanced version of the chatbot designed specifically for TikTok’s platform.

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