How to turn off a PS5 – Guide to safely power off

Learn one of the very basics of your PS5 console

How to turn off a PS5

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Not sure how to turn off a PS5? Whether you are new to the console or bumping up against some technical issues, we will guide you through the process of turning off your console safely, and without risk of losing any of your saved data.

Maintaining your console is key to keeping performance of your PS5 high. We have put together step-by-step guides on how to fix your PS5 not turning on, and how to remove PS5 faceplates in order to help you keep your console running smoothly. We also have a complete list of PS5 Error Codes to help you assess any problems you may be facing.

How to turn off a PS5 – step-by-step guide


Using your controller

The easiest way to turn off your console properly is via your PS5 DualSense controller.



Open your controller menu

Press the PS button in the center of your controller.




Select ‘Power’

Scroll all the way to the right along the bottom of the controller menu to the ‘Power’ tab.



Select ‘Turn Off PS5’

From the Power menu, you will have three options. To turn off your PS5 fully, select ‘Turn Off PS5’. You will also have the options to put your PS5 into Rest Mode, or to restart your console.

It is important to turn off your console fully before unplugging it from the power source to prevent any damage or data loss on your console.


Using your console

You can also turn off your console without using your controller with these steps.



Locate the power button

Find the power button on the front of your PlayStation 5 console.




Push the button

Press and hold the power button. To turn off your console completely, wait until your hear a second beep. To put your console into Rest Mode, release the button after the first beep.

Remember to save any game data before manually shutting down your console as this may cause you to lose your progress.

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Planning ahead

If you leave your PS5 in Rest Mode, your console can continue to download games, content, and updates even. Your controller can also continue to charge as long as your settings allow it.

Where is the PS5 power button?

The PlayStation 5 power button is located on the thin black panel at the front of your console. If your console is stood up, the power button is the lower of the two thin buttons at the bottom of the panel. There is a subtle power logo to signal the correct button.

How do I manually turn off my PS5 controller?

If you need to turn off your PS5 controller without your console, press and hold the PS button in the center of your controller until the lights turn off.

Final thoughts

That’s all for learning how to turn off a PS5. These processes will allow you to turn off the console quickly and safely. Remember, turning the power off at the switch or unplugging the console while it is on can lead to damaging the PS5, or a loss of saved data.