Here’s how to update your Apple Airpods in 3 easy steps

AirPods need updating sometimes too, which may solve the audio issues you're having.

How to update airpods

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AirPods are the number one wireless personal audio solution for iPhone users, and we’re not just saying that because we like things to match. But seriously, peripherals need to match hardware…

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How to update AirPods

how to update airpods

Firstly, we need to check which AirPods firmware you’re running. Don’t panic, this is really easy to do. Go to Settings > Bluetooth and tap the little information icon next to your AirPods (the circled ‘i’ icon). Go down to the ‘About’ header to see which firmware version you have.

At the time of writing, the current firmware version for all AirPods should be 4A400. The previous version was 3E751. If you’re running the latter or a version before that, it’s time to update the firmware.

AirPods should auto-update, but sometimes they don’t

How to update airpods

In theory, AirPods should self-update when new firmware becomes available. Apple pushes these updates to the Apple device your AirPods are connected to such as your Mac or iPhone. Sometimes, this doesn’t happen, so let’s find out how to update AirPods.

How to manually update AirPods

how to update airpods

This is super simple. There’s not an update or dedicated button to update AirPods, instead, we need to trigger the update process. Dock your AirPod buds into the charging case, put them on charge, and place them near your synced Apple device (iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc).

Leave them for a few minutes and you should be all up to date. Just follow the previous steps to check your firmware version.

Firmware versions on devices are more or less like operating systems for your devices. Firmware gives a piece of technology functionality and various commands to carry out in different scenarios. For example, your smartphone also receives firmware updates, which are improvements to the operating system you’re currently running, such as iOS 15 or Android 12.

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