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Digital Versatile/Video Disk (DVD)

CD-ROMs have been around in the computer world for more than a decade. As with most technology, eventually everything is replaced with "bigger and better". It may be surprising to some to realize this, but one of the main problems with CD-ROMs today is.. they are too small! There are many programs that are even now shipping on four or even more CD-ROMs, and this trend is only going to continue in the future. To provide for the next generation of software, a new format has been created that is abbreviated DVD. This sometimes stands for digital video disk and sometimes digital versatile disk, depending on whom you ask.

DVD uses the same physical form factor as CD-ROM but the similarities end there. The logical formats are considerably different. It is likely that within the next few years, DVD may revolutionize not only how we store data on the PC, but also home audio and video as well. A future version of DVD called DVD-RAM may in fact even replace your VCR! This is still quite new technology and it is changing rapidly. For more information, check out the DVD FAQ.

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