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Halt On

Some PCs give you the ability to tell the BIOS specifically which types of errors will halt the computer during the power-on self test section of the boot process. Using this, you can tell the PC to ignore certain types of errors; common settings for this parameter are:

  • All Errors: The boot process will halt on all errors. You will be prompted for action in the event of recoverable errors. This is the normally the default setting, and is also the recommended one.
  • No Errors: The POST will not stop of any type of error. Not recommended except for very special cases.
  • All But Keyboard: The boot process will stop for any error except a keyboard error. This can be useful for setting up a machine without a keyboard, for example for a file or print server.
  • All But Diskette/Floppy: All errors will halt the system except diskette errors. In my opinion, if your floppy drive has recurring and known problems, it is most likely best just to replace (or disconnect) the drive rather than using this.

Warning: Telling the system not to halt for any error types is generally not wise. You may end up missing a problem with your system that you will want to know about.

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