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IRQ Number: 14

16-Bit Priority: 9

Bus Line: 16-bit only

Typical Default Use: Primary IDE channel.

Other Common Uses: SCSI host adapters.

Description: On most PCs, this IRQ is reserved for use by the primary IDE controller, which provides access to the first two IDE/ATA devices (usually hard disk drives and/or CD-ROM drives). On machines that do not use IDE devices at all, this IRQ can be used for another purpose (such as a SCSI host adapter to provide SCSI drives). In order to do this, you will normally have to disable the IDE channel using either the appropriate BIOS setting (for integrated IDE support on newer boards) or jumpers on the controller board (for older machines that use an IDE controller card).

Conflicts: Problems with IRQ14 are rare, since the universality of its use for IDE means most peripheral vendors avoid offering it as an option. If you are using SCSI and not IDE, and want to use IRQ14, make sure any integrated IDE controllers are disabled first.

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