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IRQ Number: 9

16-Bit Priority: 4

Bus Line: 16-bit only

Typical Default Use: None.

Other Common Uses: Network cards, sound cards, SCSI host adapters, PCI devices, rerouted IRQ2 devices.

Description: This is usually an open IRQ on most systems, and is a popular choice for use by peripherals, especially network cards. On most PCs it can be used freely since it has no default setting.

Conflicts: There are a couple of things to watch out for when using this IRQ. First, if you are trying to use IRQ2, you cannot use IRQ9 as well, since devices that try to use IRQ2 really end up using IRQ9 instead. Also, some systems that use PCI cards that require the use of a system IRQ line will grab IRQ9; this can be changed in some cases using the BIOS setup parameters that assign IRQs to PCI devices.

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