How To Convert Excel To PDF

Read our guide to find out how to convert Excel to PDF with Windows and Mac.

How to convert Excel to PDF

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If you’ve got a Microsoft Excel file, then it’s limited in who can view it and how. When you convert the file to a PDF, however, it becomes easier to open and can be accessed across a variety of different platforms.

Even if the accessor doesn’t have Microsoft Office, they can still open it in this new format. But how do you convert it?

In the guide below, we’ll tell you exactly how to convert your Excel files into PDF, whether you’re using a Windows PC or a Mac.


Converting Excel To PDF With Windows



Select Part Of File To Convert

To begin, you can select a specific part of the Excel file for converting into PDF, if you don’t want the whole file. If you do, however, just continue.



Select ‘Export’ Option

Click the “File” option at the top left of the screen, then select the “Export” option from the drop-down menu that appears.



Create PDF/XPS

This will give you exporting options. Select the first one, which says “Create PDF/XPS Document”. This will bring up a list of conversion details to the right of it.

At the bottom of that list is a large button that says “Create PDF/XPS”. It has a drawing of a piece of paper on it with a secure lock/belt around its waist. Click it.



Change PDF File Size

This will open up a menu that looks like the one you see for saving documents.

Below all your folders, you’ll see some “Optimize for” options. You can alter these to reduce the PDF file size.

Underneath them is a large button saying “Options…” itself – click it.



Personalizing Your PDF

Converting Excel to PDF with Windows

An Options window will appear (pictured), with a variety of settings for you to choose what your final PDF will look like and contain.



Select Page To Convert

From this window, you can select which pages you would like to convert. Alternatively, if you chose the areas earlier, then hit the “Selection” button.

For the entire file to be converted to PDF, you can leave the default options selected: the “All” option for the page range and the “Active sheet(s)” option below.



Create Your PDF

When you have selected the options you want, click “OK”. After that, hit “Publish”. Your PDF should be created.


Converting Excel To PDF With Mac



Choose Which Parts You Want To Convert

Again, you can choose which parts you want to convert before you begin. If not, click the “File” option at the top of the screen and select “Save As…”.



Select PDF Option

This will open up a new window. Towards the bottom of it, you will see the words “File Format:” next to a drop-down box. Click the box and select the “PDF” option from it.

Below the box you will see three options about what you will convert into PDF. It’s similar to how it is with Windows, only usually more streamlined.

Converting Excel to PDF with Mac



Convert To PDF

If you click the “Workbook” option, then it will convert your entire file into a PDF. Next to that option is “Sheet”, which will convert only the active sheet that you’re on.

The final option is “Selection” and it will state which cells you have selected beforehand, if you did. Only those will be converted to PDF.

Make your selection and click the “Save” button. It might say “Export” instead, depending on your copy of Excel.

Final Thoughts

Converting Excel files into PDFs makes them much more accessible to others. Additionally, they become easier to print. Follow our guide carefully to convert your Excel files with ease.