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Thread: Icons flicker and arrange themselves

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    Post Icons flicker and arrange themselves

    On a friends computer, when moving the pointer over an icon on the desktop, the icons arrange themselves. They auto arrange about 3 times before they settle.
    The icons flicker when this is happening and when in an open folder, but it doesn't happen all the time.
    Right clicking the desktop the auto arrange is ticked.
    I checked the cables and reseated them in the PC. I have a feeling it maybe the cord to the mouse, but wanted to try any other ideas when l return with a mouse tommorrow.
    The graphics are onboard and cable seated OK.


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    Sounds like virus activity, have you scan your cpu for any viruses lately. Did it start doing this all of a sudden? Did you open any thing lately in your email?

    Sledgehammer will save the day!

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