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Nvidia cuts in line to deliver their latest keynote speech ahead of the competition

Jensen, along with his leather jacket, is heading to Taipei early
Last Updated on April 25, 2024
Nvidia cuts in line to deliver their latest keynote speech ahead of the competition
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It’s that time of year again when we start gearing up for Computex, one of the biggest events on the tech industry calendar. That means that some of the largest companies including Intel, AMD, and of course Nvidia, should be updating us on the latest with product reveals and announcements expected. However, Nvidia is jumping the queue and hosting a keynote just ahead of the event.

This leaves some questions regarding whether they’ll be attending the event officially, or just running a keynote of their own independent from the convention. Either way, we look forward to the latest news regarding the RTX 50 series release date and/or any other surprises Nvidia has in store.

Nvidia keynote taking place on June 2nd

Nvidia has officially announced their ‘Nvidia CEO Keynote‘ scheduled for Sunday, June 2nd at the NTU Sports Center in Taipei, Taiwan. This is just before the opening keynotes at Computex kick off on the 3rd. The convention itself will be open between the 4th and 7th and is also taking place in Taipei as usual.

This early CEO Keynote will of course feature CEO Jensen Huang live on stage in front of an audience (tickets are free!), though it will also be live-streamed if you can’t make it. It will take place at 7pm Taipei Standard Time, which translates to 4am Pacific Time.

Promotional image for Nvidia CEO keynote speech event, featuring event details, date, times across time zones, and a registration button against a green and black starry background.
Nvidia CEO Keynote announced for Sunday, June 02

Here’s a look at the tightly-packed schedule of official Computex keynotes, listed below in Taipei local time.

  • AMD: June 3rd, 9:30-11:00
  • Qualcomm: June 3rd, 13:30-14:40
  • Intel: June 4th, 11:00-12:00
  • Mediatek: June 4th, 13:30-14:30
  • Supermicro: June 5th, 9:30-10:30
  • NXP: June 5th, 13:30-14:30
  • Delta: June 6th, 11:00-12:00

Is Nvidia going to be at Computex?

Nvidia do indeed list this CEO Keynote as part of the Computex event page on their website. But since it is actually takes place before the event begins, we’re not sure if it qualifies as ‘official’ – not that it matters too much. Furthermore, their keynote is taking place at a different location, as the big convention is instead happening at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center.

They will also be holding the Nvidia AI Summit Taiwan at the Grand Hilai Taipei hotel on June 5th, meaning they’ll have plenty of presence regardless of their involvement with the wider festivities.

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