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Thread: Ie9

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    I downloaded and installed the beta version of IE9 on my netbook—I won’t put a beta version on my desktop. Microsoft claims it’s as fast as Google Chrome. Well—it’s not. At least on my netbook it’s not. Google Chrome leaves IE9 in the dust. So far I can’t say that I like it better than IE8 as it has some things that are missing on the toolbar. Or maybe they are there but I have yet to find them. I suppose that the reason the toolbar, as it exists on IE8, is missing is because that’s what is supposed to make it more “clean and streamlined.” You’ve heard the adage, “It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks.” I guess I’m like that old dog. I suppose some of the other members have installed it. What's your thoughts on it?
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    I have not messed around with IE9 beta yet.
    I have tried out the new Chrome and Firefox 4 betas.

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    You should know you're too old to test drive the latest-greatest-meanest-fastest "ride" these days! Who knows, you could blow out a hip/knee replacement!

    This old dog just let's his master update FF (fido's food) automatically. I don't even notice the difference in the taste...

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