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Video Card Resource Usage

Compared to many other system devices, most video cards do not use very many system resources, and device conflicts with video cards are relatively rare. VGA-compatible video cards (virtually all) use the I/O addresses from 3B0-3BBh and 3C0-3DFh. This is well known to device makers who avoid this region; I've never heard of a peripheral trying to use these addresses.

Some video cards use an IRQ, and some do not. Those that use an IRQ are often PCI cards that use one of the IRQs set aside for PCI devices. This is usually IRQ11 or IRQ12. Older EGA cards used the 2/9 IRQ (see here for an explanation of the relationship between IRQ2 and IRQ9). This can potentially cause conflicts with other devices that use IRQ9, but of course EGA cards are mega-obsolete and not generally in use any more.

See here for more on device resource usage.

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