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Thread: Download googlemail & yahoo mail using MS outlook?

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    Aug 2003

    Download googlemail & yahoo mail using MS outlook?

    I am using MS Outlook
    I have two webmail accounts

    googlemail and yahoo account
    how can I use outlook to download emails from this account
    it is easily done with my hotmail account

    How about googlemail?

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    Aug 2003
    I have configured the accounts as per gmail, hotmail and yahoo.

    Where hotmail accounts are in separate inbox folder in outlook under hotmail account so it is easy to distinguish
    both gmail and yahoo all the mail is being inboxed in the same inbox so can't tell them apart

    How do I solve the problem????

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    Nov 2001
    You will need to create a rule to filter the mail for you. Create a folder for each account in your Inbox, say Yahoo and Gmail. Then do a simple rule using the rules wizard to say deliver all mail with "" in the To get put in Gmail folder. Same for Yahoo in a seperate rule. Should get you going.

    Also keep in mind that you will have one default account for sending mail. This account will be used when you create a new mail message, but can be manually changed. When replying to a mesage you will use whichever account the original message was sent to.

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