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Thread: Wireless Issues, connected, but no connection

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    Wireless Issues, connected, but no connection

    I just bought a Netgear wpn311 wireless PCI card, installed it, and after attempted to connect to my network im stumped and annoyed.

    I used the netgear smartwizard to connect and enter my WEP key, then it gave me the conformation message saying that i was connected.

    But even though it says connected at 54mbps i have no internet access whatsoever. but i can see the router on my network

    Any ideas on what i can do to get my wireless working?

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    Just a thought - a friend had a similar problem. Modem connected to router ets and laptop connected to router wirelessly

    Turns out the modem needed connecting directly to the computer first, because it was a new modem, It needed to be registered with Virgin.

    Is it a new modem or internet connection?

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    Can you see the computer through the network? Are you using DHCP and if so, is your computer getting a valid IP address?

    Make sure that your router/modem is allowing that IP address access to the net.

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