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Flash the System BIOS

Most newer PCs incorporate a flash BIOS, which allows you to update the system BIOS code under software control. In some situations, flashing the system BIOS can lead to a performance improvement, or support for more features. For example, sometimes motherboard manufacturers update the BIOS to incorporate small performance tweaks, or to allow native support for new processors. Basically, it all depends on what your motherboard manufacturer puts into the update.

Flashing the system BIOS is a relatively simple procedure, but it can in rare instances lead to disastrous results. If the flash process crashes or the power goes out in the middle, you may be left with a BIOS that is partially updated and incapable of booting the PC. It is very unusual for this to happen, but it does occur. I would recommend only flashing the system BIOS if there is a good reason for it. Too many people are in a big hurry to flash their BIOS when there really isn't any reason for it.

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