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Optimize IDE Device Configuration

It is possible to greatly improve the performance of your hard disks, CD-ROM drives and other IDE devices by simply rearranging how you decide to connect them to the system. This is only an issue if you have two or more IDE devices, but since most PCs today have at least one hard disk plus a CD-ROM drive, this applies to just about everyone.

There are many different factors that go into deciding how to arrange IDE devices, which I have covered in detail in this section of the Reference Guide. In addition, I have provided this section that lists alternatives for how to configure IDE devices depending on how many you have, and of what type. I'd recommend reading these sections to see what makes sense for your particular setup. Then check out how your system is currently configured, and if necessary, change the system.

Changing the configuration of your IDE devices is not difficult, but does require that you pay attention to matters such as cabling, jumpers, and possibly enabling additional IDE channels. If you are going to do some work in these areas, I'd recommend reading the general section on IDE configuration in the Reference Guide.

Tip: You can also choose to configure your IDE devices with an eye towards conserving IRQs and other system resources. See this enhancement for more on that.

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