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If You're Stuck, Try Using Your "Background Processing Capabilities"

An amazing capability of the human brain is that under certain circumstances you can put your own subconscious to work for you, to help you solve a problem without expending any energy at all. I am no expert in the field of psychology, but I have used this technique myself with great success on many occasions.

Have you ever tried to remember something, some detail of a past conversation, or a phone number of an old friend, and felt that you knew it but just couldn't remember the exact words or numbers you were looking for? And then a few hours or a day or two later the answer will "pop into your mind" apparently for no reason, while you are doing something else? This is what I am talking about, and sometimes it can help you to resolve problems with your machine.

Some day, you may have a particularly difficult problem that you have been trying to solve for quite a while. It may seem that the answer is obvious, yet you can't quite grasp it. If this is the case, try just going on and doing something else temporarily. Take your conscious mind off the task at hand and try to do something enjoyable, relaxing or distracting for a few hours or the rest of the night. Let your subconscious work on the problem "in the background".

Then come back the next day and look at the problem again. You may find it much easier to resolve the problem now--I've even had the answer come to me in a matter of minutes after spending the previous entire day trying to figure it out. You may even find the answer popping into your head while doing something completely unrelated.

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