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Thread: How to select diferent CD-RW?

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    Post How to select diferent CD-RW?

    I got two CD-RW installed in my PC (PIII. W98, 128RAM, SoundBlaster Live), one of them is a Smart&Friendly and the another one is a Creative CD-RW. Both of them work so good, but only the burning software that came with the Creative unit recognizes both of them as a CD recorders; all of the rest of my CD burning software (Sound Forge XP, CD Creator, and so) just recognize the Smart&Friendly unit as a CD recorder; I tried to swap the units in the configuration, but nothing happened, so I undo the solution.
    Any of you could help me to configure my system in order to choose one or another CD-RW unit?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Not all software will work with all hardware.

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    And not all software works with all OS'S or other software,as I found out with a scanner that was supposed to work with W/Me.The box said yes the computer said OH NO WAY! so once i installed the software i finally got to view the READ me files and sure enough no way would it work with W/ seems that i had installed the software they did not want to give refund so i told them it was a catch-22 and with a little arguing and voice raising in the store he agreed and gave back my money.Morel of story???
    don't use bundled software research and buy your own.

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    I recommend ahead's Nero recording software.

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