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Thread: Default cd player

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    Post Default cd player

    This seems like it should be easy and it probably is, but for the life of me I can't figure it out. My E: drive is my CD rom and the default CD player, but I would also like to be able to play music on my F: drive which is a CD burner. I want to listen to music while I am also using the E: drive for other things. I went into the settins and clicked under the Multimedia and chandged the default CD drive to F:. Once this was done Music Match Winamp etc. alll were able to read the info and tracks but I was unable to play anything and when I set the default back to the E: that caused a few problems. Basically Ijust want to listen to music on the F: drice while I use the E: drive for other things. Anybodies help is much appreciated.


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    Caution: Hardware may need modified!

    On the inside of your computer there is a wire running from the cd rom to the sound card. disconnect the end from the cd rom and hook it up to the cd rw. then go and change the default cd drive back to the cdrw. I hope this works. I have not had to do it cause i am contempt with using my dvd for music cds when i play them. (ˇViva Napster!)

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    I was thinking of getting an adapter to connect both CD audio outputs to the sound card. Here is a link to making one, and one to buy for $12.


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