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Thread: samaung sm-308b cdrw/dvd

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    Unhappy samaung sm-308b cdrw/dvd

    I have the samsung cdrw/dvd sm 308b cd writer. I was happily burning discs on easy cd creator platinum running on windows 98. I then decided to upgrade to XP, found that the writer would'nt work at all on any software installed, said to hell with it, formatted and went back to 98. and you guessed it ( THE SODDEN THING STILL WON'T WORK ) Can anyone please tell me why ? And by the way it functions great as DVD/CD ROM.

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    Hmm thats odd, but is there any kind of other burning software on your computer. If so it could be messing up Roxio software. Uninstall it if u do, and just keep roxio on there. Also go to roxio site, go to and type in roxio homepage, look in there support ssection and see if there is any updates for the platinum edtition. And welcome to the guide.

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