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Thread: an annoying Juno advertisement

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    Post an annoying Juno advertisement

    Well, my friend (no really my friend, not me) is using Juno free internet. There is this annoying advertisement. It evens is in the middle of the screen when he tries to play Starcraft on I heard from an another friend that (he even did this) you can get rid of the advertisement without getting kicked off the internet. That is what it does if you close the advertisement. So my question is one of three or all three. (1) How do you get rid of the advertisement without getting booted off? (2) Or is there a way I can make it so the advertisement does not come up while trying to play Starcraft on the internet? (3) Or is there a way to play a game while on NetZero?
    The reason for the third question is that he also has NetZero and everytime he clicks on Starcraft, Netzero goes bye bye (booted off).
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    Juno sucks...that's my final answer...

    If it's possible to disable or bypass the ads, we can't tell you how here, read the licensing agreement. By using Juno he agreed to put up with the ads. That's that.

    I never got kicked off by closing the pop up ads, maybe Juno has changed their program lately. I wouldn't doubt it. They can't be satisfied with the usual ad banner that the other free internet services are content with...Juno sucks...

    Don't know what the deal is with getting kicked off by NetZero too, neither one ever kicked me off at any time when I used them. Maybe they don't support online gaming too well? Then again I never tried to get into any online games with Juno, Freewwweb or Netzero...

    The only sure fire cure I know of is a local paid for ISP.

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    Netzero has sustained substantial losses over the last year.......they are changing the service only get 40 hr per mo. free....but in addition, they have LOTS of connect probs too(Juno is losing tons of $ too). I've had a local ISP for many years (6am-6pm)...trying to use a free service at night is a joke. Anyways, I believe ALL of the free services will either Go Away during the next year or put huge restrictions on your use. They are losing thier The "Business Model" (I love all of those BS terms) aint working

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    The only things that I can think of are to see if you can set Starcraft to "Always on Top" and to try a different game server for the NetZero account.

    A "real" ISP wouldn't hurt either. A city the size of Portland should have quite a few to choose from including sime that should be in $10 or under range. Try here for one:TheList

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