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Thread: Windows Messaging Program

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    Post Windows Messaging Program


    Well here is an interesting and strange one for you guys. I have Windows 98 SE installed. I had recently reformated my drive so there is not much on my hard drive. Anyway I wanted to install a program... COREL WordPerfect Suite 8(something extremely similar to that I'm unsure how the program is titled) because my current program for word processing was getting quite ghetto and out-dated;

    Anyway I have a system board disk from what I think is called SystemBoard PC100 containing all my disk drivers, cd-rom drivers, etc. Anyway there is that program mentioned above on it(COREL) and I wished to install it. I chose the setup option, but it insisted I install some Windows Messinging Service because my current files were outdated. I obliged and that was it. Corel was never installed as I had chosen. But the program that was installed was an out-dated Outlook Express wanna-bee program. I tried to uninstall the program by going to ->START->Settings->Control Panel->Add/Remove programs and it was listed as Windows Messaging Update 1

    Anyway I chose to uninstall it but this damn default Inbox icon is on my desktop which I'm unable to remove [along with whatever junk files are installed that I do not need which I cannot locate]. I must also mention that the add/remove programs thing did not apparently remove anything with the exception to the listing of the Windows Messaging Update 1 in the Add/Remove Program listings.

    What I tried to do was find a program to uninstall this Windows Messaging Update 1 crap off my computer. Especially that damn desktop Inbox icon which is apparently non-removable by right clicking and selecting delete or throwing that thing in the Recycle Bin.
    I must also add, since this program has been installed I noticed whenever there is a disk in my cd-rom drives, that whenever I type a url such as in the above address bar and hit enter, my cd-rom drive begins to run and then it stops!!! What could be up with that???

    |(1st question: how do I get off that old messaging service icon from my desktop)
    |(2nd question: why does my cd-rom drive run whenever I type a url in the address bar and hit enter... It never used to do that before I installed a program I would rather have not{plus the program wasn't the one I wanted anyway, it was something completely different} Please help!!... thanks

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    #1)- can you drag and drop the icon to recycle bin?

    #2) not sure yet.



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    Windows Messaging used to be installed under W95 pre IE and OE and (if I remember right) was added/removed from the WINDOWS SETUP options (possibly under communications) and not from the INSTALL/REMOVE Tab. That Windows Setup option wasn't included by default under W98 - although it could be installed from the CAB files (I remember once doing this to get M$ Fax running under Win98).

    The INBOX relates to the "M$ Exchange" server for "M$ Mail" that is part of Windows Messaging and will remain until messaging is removed. M$ Exchange also underlies some (or all?) of the versions of Outlook. If you cant rid yourself of it from Windows Setup post back and we can look into other options. I know it can be done because I have done it before.

    Dont know about the CDROM problem but one of the first things I always do when URLs are play-acting is to "Reset Web Settings" on the Programs Tab of Internet Options.

    PS Check out THIS and THIS

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