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Thread: What's your favorite freeware?

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    Post What's your favorite freeware?

    OK, this might start a lengthy thread or then again, maybe not. Just wondering what your most used and indispensible freeware programs are. I use a lot of stuff I download for free off the internet... a few I like are Sygate Personal Firewall, ePrompter (gets your email from multiple accounts in a snap), Pop-Up Stopper (gets rid of those pesky pop-up windows, but not without flaws), winamp (my favorite player), download accelerator and others. I'm starting this thread for selfish reasons... I want to find out about more useful and free programs. Got any faves?

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    Hello Jericho

    My favourite freeware:

    1 Zonealarm; firewall.
    2 TClockEx; time clock, calender, CPU & RamFree usage. [really useful]
    3 AVG; virus detection.
    4 Ad-Aware; adware removal.
    5 CDex; MP3 to Wav etc.
    6 OpenExpert; open any data file with a selection of programmes of your choice from a right-click.
    7 Atomic Clock Sync; syncronise your PC's clock with a precise on-line clock.
    8 Disc Frontier; Graphic display of file usage. Helps find what's using all your hard drive space, then delete the space wasters.
    9 SisSoft Sandra; displays technical PC info & suggests improvements.
    10 TuboNote; displays little reminder windows on the desktop.

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    hi guys, a similar one had been discussed before few months.

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    Mar 2002
    west Lothian, Scotland.
    Hello Jericho

    One I forgot that has not been mentioned and should be is:

    Copernic: a search agent. It uses a whole group of other search engines and collates the results. Seldom fails to come up with a suitable result and I'm frequently amazed that it finds precisely what's required.

    Get it here

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    Question Freeware


    I agree with what u say about Copernic, but I uninstalled because it a real resource hog!!

    Anyway, don't get to pay for it, eventually?

    I'll come back with my Freebie list tomorrow, but can I put in a quick word for Add/Subtract, which the best ad-killer in the business. I even bought the uprade!!
    Keep on smiling!

    Mitch Hatfield

    Looking all around for some small signs of Evolution!!

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    There is some great software listed in this thread as well as the other one that rahulkothari pointed out (here).

    One of my favorites that I have not seen mentioned, however, is Proxomitron. It is a program designed to let you filter web content (e.g. filter out ads, manage cookies, etc.). While you can write your own filters if you want to, it comes with many premade filters that you can choose from, so you really don't have to.

    Anyway, it is availiable for download at if you want to give it a try.


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