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Thread: uninstalling before installing older version?

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    Question uninstalling before installing older version?

    Do I have to uninstall a newer version of a program if I need to install an older version? The thing is, I have a newer version of CDxtract, and for some reasons of compatibility, I need to run an older version. Can I keep both?

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    You may need to try it to find out.
    If the two versions make changes to system files in folders other than the installed folder.
    You may find one will corrupt the other ..

    The older version could replace default system files with out dated files
    And of corse but each in itís own folder

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    The general "rule" with software updates is that they are made backward compatible with earlier versions. If they are not, then the fault lies with the software developers, who should provide support/information about how to go about things. The CDxtract website has very little information on it but maybe you could contact/eMail them for specific advice.

    It is often possible to run two versions simultaneously. For example, MSOffice tells you that you can. However, in my own experience, this always leads to difficulties/conflicts in the end and, when I have needed to do this, I have found the only consistent results have been obtained by running the two versions on two different OSes on two different partitions.

    Personally (unless the manufacturers advise to the contrary) I would always Uninstall before Installing and always Reboot before doing anything else AND always have no Windows applications open at the time. If Uninstalling might mean the loss of Important Data Files associated with a Program (like eMails or Music or ....), then I would back-up these folders somewhere else before the Uninstall/Reinstall.
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