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Thread: Link to XP's Defragger

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    Nov 2000
    Madison, WI, USA

    Link to XP's Defragger

    Hey Gang,

    Looking for a reliable link to download XP's defrag utility.

    I heard it's so much faster than 2KPro. Cripes, I can set 2KPro to defrag my C: drive with about 5 gigs of data on it, then go out and mow the yard for two hours, take a shower, watch a movie and then maybe, just maybe, the defragger will be done.


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    Aug 2000
    Hey BB66,

    I've been looking around for a free version of XP's defragger. Not that easy to come by.

    THIS one sounds good until you get to the price...

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    Would Power DeFrag be any use? I've tried and it's quite fast. You might still have time to take that shower, but not the movies!!

    I run W98SE and have replaced the on-board Defrag by d/l of WME's Defrag tool - which is much faster. Don't know if this is appropriate to W2K, however?

    PS. It seems that Power Defrag will not run on W2k, but this, Disk Keeper, looks interesting:
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    Nov 2000
    Madison, WI, USA
    Thanks, guys. Steve was nice enough to send me the file. Thanks again, Steve.

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    Aug 2001
    xp version of msconfig:

    and enabling themes in 2k:,00.html

    Grabbed this from the PC Pitstop forum..its to cool seeing 98 Plus themes on 2K ..the msconfig i just copied to the System32 folder and can be ran under the RUN section like in XP.

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    Aug 2002
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    Would it help to run the defragmenter from within safe mode?

    Best wishes
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