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Thread: HDs, Cables & Connections

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    Question HDs, Cables & Connections

    New to the forum, is me

    Bit confused about this. I wish to put a new HD in this system (it's a PB system from 1998 with the HD against the front chassis and not in a bay). Opening the thing up I can see where the IDE cables for DVD-ROM, Floppy and HD connect to the motherboard (Intel 440BX AGPSet) in the appropriate slots (HD to IDE 1 and DVD-ROM to IDE 2).

    The IDE cables look to be of the 40 variety in both cases and appear to be two way.

    I believe that if I put a new HD in then it would connect to IDE 2 on the motherboard initially, with intent to connect it to IDE 1 after transferring the data from the current drive and putting this first drive as IDE 2.

    But if that's true and there's only two IDE channels, where do I connect the DVD-ROM? I know it's got to go as either a Primary or Secondary Slave but how do you do that? Do you need one of these "three way" cable things?

    Also, looking inside I observe an empty bay above the bay holding the floppy but below the bay with the DVD-ROM in it. Could I put my new Slave drive there?


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    Yep, you'll need an IDE cable with 3 connectors.
    Install the one end connector(that has the greatest distance between it and the next connector) to the MB, install the other end connector to the hard drive(jumpered as Master), and install the middle connector to the DVD-ROM drive(jumpered as Slave).

    The hard drive should install ok in the empty bay as long as it's for a 3.25" drive. But make sure you either already have the required mounting hardware or that it comes with the HD. If not, then a local shop may be able to supply what's needed.
    And finally, PB was known to be somewhat proprietary with their design, meaning that what should be possible with new hardware installation may not be the case at all.

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    If your goal is to REPLACE the old hard drive with the new hard drive then this what you do.

    1. Download the appropriate software from the web site of the NEW hard drive manufacturuer.

    2. Disconnect the DVD drive on the secondary IDS channel.

    3) W/O installing in the computer, attach the cables from the DVD to the NEW hard drive.

    4) Insert floppy from step 1 into drive A and re-boot.

    5) Following the software provided by the manufacturuer, FDISK and partition the new drive.

    6) Again, using the software from step 1 transfer the contents of the OLD drive to the NEW drive.

    7) Remove the old hard drive. Jumper it as a master and place it on the secondary IDS channel.

    8) Disconnect the NEW hard drive and install in the place where the original hard drive was.

    9) Re-connect the DVD after making the jumper slave on this device.

    10) replace cover and re-boot. You should be up and running with the new hard drive

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    This link may be of some help:

    It ain't over 'till the Fat Lady sings.....

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