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Thread: Barton

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    I am currently using a 2000+ Palamino with 1GB PC 2700 RAM and MSI KT4V mobo. I don't game or OC. Would I see an appreciable difference upgrading to a Barton 2500+?

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    Personally I donít think itís worth the $
    2000 to 2500 isnít that large a jump.

    2000 to 3000 maybe

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    Let's see, the 2000+ Pally runs at what, 1.67GHz? And the 2500+ Barton runs at 1.83.

    Not much of a difference in raw clock speed increase. However, getting the Barton would mean you could run your PC2700 in sync with the FSB of the CPU. That might make a difference, but I doubt you would see it in normal everyday computing.

    But still, the upgrade could be worth it when the price of the Barton comes down. The Barton would prolly run cooler, too.

    I would hang tight for a few more months and wait for the prices to bottom out. With that said, I would prolly try to get an even faster Barton, to make the upgrade even more impressive and worthwhile.
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    I think that anything would run cooler than my chip. By the way, I noticed this...

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    There is one other thing to consider with the Barton...the doubling of the L2 cache to 512KB...that should do "something"...hehe.
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    Re: Barton

    I don't game or OC.
    If you don't game, then what do you do with all that power!? If it's something intensive like digital video editing, then yeah, you'd see a bit of a difference going to a Barton on a 333MHz fsb. But I agree with Rick - despite the fsb jump and the Barton advantages (like the 512KB L2 cache and cooler core) upgrading from 2000+ to 2500+ won't give you the best bang for your buck. 2800+ Barton minimum upgrade to get a full system boost.

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