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Thread: New computer won't power up!

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    Unhappy New computer won't power up!

    Please help think i may have blown the power supply.
    On pressing the on switch with a bare bones set up, I get
    nothing - not even a fan or a light anywhere.

    I've purchase the following components:

    Epox ERDA+
    AMD 2500 comes with fan and heat sink
    ATX case with 350 switchable power supply.

    I installed the chip,heat sink, motherboard into the case, connected the cables from the on switch, connect the fan to the motherboard and the
    power supply to the mother board. This is my first time building a system and followed the instruction from to the letter.

    I must admit switching the power suppy from 230V to the usa 120V and back on the power suppy while it was plugged in! I got a little flash from the P.S unit! I hope i haven't damaged the M.B.

    I've got a multimeter and would like to test the power suppy how do i do this?


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    Hi ptutty
    I'm certainly no expert and I'm sure one of the much more knowledgeable people will be by soon to help, but I have a very bad feeling that you have fried your PS. Doing anything inside a computer, anything at all, it must be turned off and unplugged from the wall, and you should have at least a wrist strap to guard against static electricity, or ground yourself another way. I sure hope I'm wrong, as I said I'm no expert. Hang in there, someone will be around soon who knows more. LG
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    voltage test

    i am no coputer expert but testing the psu is a simple electric stuff.
    on the drive connectors of the psu there are 4 terminals.
    plug the psu to the mains with all the connectors to mobo and drives disconnected. check voltage between a black terminal in the drive plug and a coloured one. one pair should be 12v and the other pair 5v. check with both black terminals.
    i don't know the mobo setup. i encounterd it on one of the forums here ot don't remember where. anyway, the same colour terminals on the mobo plugs as on the drive plugs,shuld have the same voltage. others should have other voltages (3.3v etc.) there may also be data terminal(S).
    if you have voltages you can load the psu by connectig a car component like a hedlamp bulb a horn a fan motor etc.
    if it works, your pcu is probably ok.

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    I suspect that you need to go shopping for a power supply. If you got the PS with the case, that may be just as well. PS that come with cases are often not much to begin with and can die quite easily. Switching the voltage with the power supply on is not a good idea, but I have no idea what it might do to the rest of the system, I have not heard of anyone doing it before...
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    Try This

    I see you want to learn, which is a good thing.
    Take the power supply out and apart.
    Some power supplies have fuses in them, check for the fuse and then if it has one ohm it out. If it does not have a fuse, new power supply is in order.
    Post back, because a bad card can also keep you from powering up.
    This is the place to find good advice.

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    One day I will be a pro, Thanks Andy

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