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Thread: How to get my system hidden in the cache

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    How to get my system hidden in the cache


    I have a little problem with my computer and i must reinstall windows due to some issues ...

    (untill here nothing anormal)

    and my problem is that my system is in the cache of my hard drive disk so how can i get it to burn it or whatever to have the files to be able to do this !

    I tryed ceverals things but i didn't succed !

    This is the major problem with pc package you don't have your own win cd copy .... only a serial and the system in the cache ...

    thx u all cya !

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    lol... What kind of PC is it? You know that if it is newer and no CD's came there is probably a Key combination to start a full system install. Many of the newer computers come with the necessary files stored on a hidden partition. You still can reinstall you just don't have the CD's. IF it came with CD's and you lost them - well your gonna need another copy.

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