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Thread: XP Boot problem

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    Post XP Boot problem

    I'm running XP home on my AMD 64, and it has been running fine for a few months now. Then I decided to turn off the computer by just pressing the power button as opposed to start shut down. I don't really know why I did this, the problem is when I try to start it up, it loads a screen saying "You have shut off Windows incorrectly" and displays 5 options:
    Safe Mode
    Safe Mode w/ Command Prompt
    Safe Mode w/ Network
    Last known working setup

    If I choose any of the safe modes, it will display several lines of commands and the computer will restart. If I choose either of the other two, it will load the XP logo for a second, then load a blue screen that I am unable to read because immediatly after that the computer restarts. I have also tried going into bios and trying fail safe load, which did not help.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    EDIT: Problem fixed by using the repair function of the XP cd and running chkdisc.
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    I'm certainly not an expert on this but it seems like if you can't get the computer to boot in any way, and you've only had the computer for about a few months you should be able to format the computer without losing too much stuff.
    It striked me as odd that just shutting down incorrectly just once would cause the problem, I think there's probably a bit more to it.
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    It striked me as odd that just shutting down incorrectly just once would cause the problem
    Sudden shutdown can screw the file system (and metadata ouside the partitions) - even more so with FAT than with NTFS. Chkdsk can sometimes fix a screwed file sytem and this is what appears to have happened to allow the fix in this case.
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