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Thread: Upgrade Advice

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    Jan 2005

    Upgrade Advice

    I will have roughly $267-$445 to spend on some pc upgrades whilst I'm in the states (flights just booked - woo!). I am currently thinking of getting a s939 x2 3800+ (which is around 40 ($70) cheaper in the US or a 6800GS (40 cheaper again) AGP. I'd love to move to PCIx, but I don't think my budget is open to a CPU & GFX upgrade, plus it might be a bit pointless since my current machine handles current workloads fairly well. I'm already getting a Raptor drive for my birthday, so not really sure if there are any other areas for a good upgrade.
    E6400 2.14Ghz @ 2.75Ghz (344FSB,1.315v)
    with Arctic Cooler Pro 7
    Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 w/ nb fan mod
    2 x 1GB DDR2-688 OCZ SOPS 4-4-4-12
    Connect3D X1900XT 625/725 with vf900-cu
    Pioneer 52xDVD-ROM drive
    Samsung 18x DVD-RW drive
    X-Fi Xtreme Musik
    2 x 80GB Samsung Spinpoint SATAII (RAID 0)
    200GB DiamondMax10 + Akasa HDD Caddy
    500W Enermax Liberty Modular PSU
    Akasa Fan Control Pro
    2 x Akasa Amber + 1 x Tt LED 120mm Case Fans Thermaltake Shark (black)

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    Quote Originally Posted by madad2005
    I'd love to move to PCIx
    I think you mean PCIe. PCI-X is an extension of PCI used in servers and dual-processor workstations.

    Those upgrades look good to me! The 6800 GS is actually what I would recommend for anyone still nursing an AGP system. Oh, don't forget to update your mobo's BIOS before plopping in an X2. Otherwise it may not work.

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