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Thread: power on by itself

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    Question power on by itself

    I have toshiba m45 - s2652 laptop. It's been turning itself on just by itself everynight.. One thing I relized was, this happens at exactly 12 am everynight. I have no clue why this happens. First I thought it was one of those scheduled jobs (virus check, defragment), but i checked them and none of them were actually scheduled. I don't think it's a virus/spyware or any of that stuff either.. Because I checked for them many times and i have virus protection on anyway. Any help would be great. I will provide more info if needed, but for now i dont know what to put.
    thanks for any help...

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    Is the notebook connected to a network connection when it does this? I am thinking "Wake on LAN" is turned on, you can keep it disconnected to see if it still turns on.
    A timed boot is more indicative of a scheduled event, but you are giving reasons why that may be less likely.

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    no it's not. It is, however, has wireless connection. But when computer is turned off wireless shouldn't be connected.... i also checked bios if the wake on lan was on but no it was off...???any ideas?? :/

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