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Thread: change drive letter?

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    change drive letter?

    I recently installed a new DVD writer drive to my computer and after messing about with the jumpers i finally got it to work.

    Trouble is though that it took the drive letter E: which had previously belonged to my second hard drive. I didnt think this would be any trouble except all the asosiations with that drive are no longer; ie. no shortcuts work, and i cant open files with programs on that second drive becasuse the orignial asosiation has been lost.

    I tried changing the drive letter through computer management in admin tools but you can only change hard drive letters it would appear , and not cd drive as i need.


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    Well right off the bat I can think of 2 or 3 different ways to make your programs work again.

    1: Is to rearrange your drives on their ide cables until you get the second harddrive to be the desired drive letter. Or
    2: Go into the properties of the programs affected and change the letter they associate where to look or do it in the registry, whatever is needed. Or
    3: Is to uninstall/reinstall the programs affected, pointing them to the correct drive letter. You'll probably get errors such as 'There is already a file named ***, do you want Windows to overwrite it?' Choosing yes or even no will result in the program funtioning properly but I would go for the overwrite unless there are files in them you do not want to lose.

    Let us know if any of these ways work, more ideas to follow if they don't.
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    In Win2K's and WinXP's Disk Management you can change CDROM letters just like HDD letters. The only letters you cant change are the boot and system partitions and other partitions if they contain the page file. You may need to temporarily re-assign a letter to the end of the alphabet and then assign it back when you have finished "tweaking".

    Moving the drives around wont affect letter assignments in WinXP though it can be a workaround with the DOS-based versions of Windows.
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    ah I didn't realise that you need to insert a disk for it to show up in the disk manager.

    Anyway problem solved thanks guys :P

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