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Thread: Book Wrighting.

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    Book Wrighting.

    Does any one have any recomendations for book wrighting softwear,one that is used by most publishers.I dont want them to say we cant read your book because we dont use that brand of softwear.Im just guessing,Im looking for Adobie or desk Top Publishing.............Recomendations?Thanks,James .
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    i personally would just use Microsoft Word, which i have attempted to write in the past, but only gotten to about the first chapter or so, and that was a while go, on a WFW 3.11 computer using notepad , If i were you, i would just use word, and save it into a .doc, a file most, if not all word processors can read.
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    Yeah, Spell Checkers come to mind too...

    If you're going to 'wright' a book, that may help...
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    I have actually written four books, using Word. no problems with the printer except in one case, where he wanted a PDF! ( simple answer - change printer!)
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    Most printers today will have a variety of desk top publishing software and will therefore be able to print from a variety of file formats that you will provide for printing your finished product. Keep in mind that if you happen to download a font from the internet that you think is really cool, the printer will also need access to that font to avoid a font substitution. Providing a PDF file tends to avoid that problem, but not always. As stated in the previous posts, as a printer, using word is what I would recommend.
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    I have used OpenOffice for just about all my wordprocessing needs for nigh on to forever...

    It supports the MS Office files and many you can save your files in nearly what ever format your publisher/printer wants (yes, it even has a direct to pdf save...)

    Scribus is specifically designed for desktop publishing, as such it has a number of layout features not found anywhere else...some of what it does...
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