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Thread: Upgrading Video Card

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    Upgrading Video Card

    Are there seperate type of video cards for notebooks and PCs? And what are all the fields I should look for to be compatible with my notebook?

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    1) Yes the form factors are different betwen notebooks and desktops.
    2) The notebook manufacturer has usually chosen a card that works and fits, the chance of replacing a video card with a different one is not very likely since notebooks are proprietary in nature. The video card has to fit in a very confined and defined location. These cards are generally not upgradable by the end user for notebooks.

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    Unless your notebook manufacturer designed an actual PCB card for the GPU/VPU, you can't upgrade it. They are usually soldered directly to the mobo, just like everything else. Upgrading would simply mean buying a new mobo (if available) from your own pocket, installing it yourself (or paying MORE money for that, too), and quite likely voiding the warranty (if there's any left).

    This is why everyone says to buy a notebook/laptop with the most advanced hardware you can afford from the beginning. Because upgrading a notebook or laptop is limited to RAM, PC cards or Express Cards, and perhaps the hard drive. That's it!

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