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Thread: interesting Problem

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    Mar 2007

    interesting Problem

    this is my "interesting problem"

    This effect is NOT hardware related- all tests pass

    during startup
    i get a
    000533~1.exe this quickly dissapeares, so the name is NOT exact

    The effects are already stated in the original thread- (Paul Konski said to post here to try to get it cleaned)- i originally thought it was a Windows problem

    I will post a HJT log upon request, but there is aready one new one on the second page of the original problem.

    Thanks in advance- oh, and if you need the EXACT name of the .exe file running at startup, i WILL get that for you

    NOTE: the random freezing is no longer a problem, but computer is abnormally slow now..

    also note "WINSOCK" had to be "reset" to get acces to the internet
    My Computer:
    DELL XPS 400
    250 GB HD & 80 GB HD and 500 GB HD
    ATI Radeon x1950 256 MB PCIe (upgrading soon)
    OS: Win XP Media Center Edition
    Intel Pentium D 2.79Ghz with 3.0 GB RAM + 15GB pagefile
    DVD-ROM ; CD-RW; floppy
    17" Monitor and 20" Widescreen dual
    Looking to upgrade my PSU to a 650 Watt

    Internet Help Desk

    My City Visit daily!

    we are not unreasonable... i mean, we wont eat your eyes

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    Wyncote, PA, USA
    Please post the entire HJT log here and include the header.
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    A.J. Heschel

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