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Thread: Download speed has plummeted

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    Exclamation Download speed has plummeted

    My PC has gone from downloading files at 750+kbps down to a laughable 16kbps in less than a week. No malware according to AVG PRO and Spybot S&D and I also use Spywareblaster. I download manga from and the files are 170mb approximately (virus free) and generally take no more that 3-4 mins to download but now the download speed has plummeted for no apparent reason and I donít know what to do

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    Who is your ISP? I believe that your ISP is most likely having issues causing the speed problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PrntRhd View Post
    Who is your ISP? I believe that your ISP is most likely having issues causing the speed problem.

    I'm currently using virgin broadband, however in the 2 years I have been a customer with their service I have never encountered something like this.

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    You could have been capped.

    It is something that is spread through P2P networks
    i dont know much on the subject, but im sure the other people here can tell you more about it
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