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Thread: A Few Questions Reguarding New PC

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    A Few Questions Reguarding New PC

    Hello once again everyone,

    I am sure you all hate seeing a new thread by me because it means many questions. So thank you for putting up with all of them. When I purchased my computer I explained to Cyber Power how helpful this site was and how you have referred many people to their company. I donít know if this did any good but I tried.

    Anyways back to the questions.

    First question: I've heard a lot about the BIOS menu but have no knowledge about what it is and what it does. So what is the BIOS? How can I access it? And what should I change in it?

    Second question: Do you guys recommend any software that I should download to keep my PC running safe and fast?

    Third question: What should I do to a out of the box gaming PC to make it run at its best?


    Also, if this is the wrong place for this thread I am sorry. I was looking but wasnt sure of the best place for it.

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    The PC Guide forums do not "refer" anyone to Cyberpower or any other commercial sites, our users do recommend certain component configurations upon request, and users sometimes refer people to sites for pricing examples or compatibility reference engines.

    BIOS is a system that starts the boot up process:
    You can access the BIOS by pressing F2 or other specified key shown as Setup during the boot process.

    You should run an antivirus program, maybe an antispyware program, and a software firewall program if you do not already run a hardware firewall included in most home routers.

    I will let the gamers explain how to set up the PC for specific games.

    I moved the thread to a more appropriate forum.
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    I am just messing stuff up left and right today.

    I figured I was posting it in the wrong place but wasnt sure what was better.

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    So I really don't have to touch the BIOS if I understand correctly.

    So I basically take the PC out of the box, hook it up and download some good anti-virus programs and other useful ones.

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    The BIOS is usually set by the builder to function correctly, you may wish to change it on an "as needs basis" sometime, but it should be functional as delivered.

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    a good free anti virus program is avg. Id also recomend ccleaner. (google both). id also not recomend to buy a prbuilt pc but to build your own as it saves you alot of cash from $50 to almost $1000 depending on how "high end" you go.

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    Well I know I could of saved about $200-$300 but I think it is worth it for the warranty they give me.

    I am planning on taking some IT courses next year but until then I do not want to go through all the stuff I had to with my last computer that I (sort of) built. I had help from a computer store down here but they were the most unprofessional people I have ever had to deal with. So every time I had a problem with the PC I was digging into my pocket to fix it. It ended up costing me a few hundred bucks extra just to fix it.

    But with this warranty I am covered for three years and am allowed to change any part I want and still keep the warranty.

    I had AVG and CCleaner on my old PC and trusted them both. So I plan on downloading them again.

    Anything else I should try and get?

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    Try Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, here is the hyperlink for you,

    I like this program and found it pretty useful when I had a little trouble with my computer a day ago. Also another program that would be good looking into is Spybot Search&Destroy.

    By the way, my name is Chris and I am currently attending a community college trying to complete my Associates Degree in IT. So I will also try to help you with what I can

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    whoops double post

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    Another free AV that is good is Avast Home Edition, same engine as the Avast Pro version, rapid & frequent updates. Free for personal use, also can be reskinned for the interface; businesses use the Pro (pay) version.
    SpywareBlaster (Javacool Software) is an immunize for malware (particularly for IE browser) and is free if you manually check for the updates, no performance hit either, it sets the restrictions for known malware-installing sites and gets out of the way.

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    sorry to add on to your post but was just wondering, doesn't adding all those software decrease your pc speed? (especially if you have a low amounts of ram..say with 448 mb ram cuz of integrated video). I always try to turn as many things off as possible (especially startup programs and firewall...sometimes even my antivirus). Not very smart of me? please comment.

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    not necessairly... there are ways to tweak Windows XP to speed up your computer. I just got done tweaking my computer and I had nearly all of those applications installed and I can tell ya I can really tell a difference. Though it took me about 3 days cause I had a tiny problem but its all fixed now and working even better than before!..... try this website on how to tweak XP, be sure to read and follow the directions
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    Anything like that on how to tweak Vista?

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    Thank you

    You guys have been a huge help. I really appreciate it

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    Anytime dude. Happy that I could help

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    Heres another place for Vista tweaks, just incase you need it

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    just read alot..u will learn in no time

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