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Thread: windows nt

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    Question windows nt

    I have Windows NT 4.0 as my primary OS in my box. I also have NT Server OS as well. Don't ask me why but it's part of class requirement (MCSE). Is it wise to install windows 2000 in the same box? or should i blow out one of the OS system? btw, i have a 450mhz PIII 128ram 6.8giga HD.

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    Windows 2000 is virtually an NT upgrade, it uses the NT base. They are compatable.


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    If your doing MCSE then you must be on either the NT4 path or the 2000 path. I would suggest choosing the OS for the path your on ... sounds like NT4 if you using NT 4 Server.

    If your doing the exams it can be counter productive to be dropping into NT4 and 2000 often as they have different approaches to a lot of things.

    Mind you there is nothing to stop you having all three if you have the patience to set it up .. mind you your HD looks a little small to justify having them all.

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