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Thread: Reinstalling Virus Scanner

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    Question Reinstalling Virus Scanner

    I used to have McAfee Virus Scan Deluxe and First Aid installed in my computer. Another online forum advised me that the McAfee program is 'like a virus itself' and suggested that I uninstall it. I did this because at the time, I was experiencing a lot of freeze-up's while gaming. This person told me the virus scanner was a good program but the First Aid was not but I had to uninstall everything and reinstall just the virus scanner.

    The only way I was able to uninstall the whole shebang was to go into the REGEDIT and delete anything that has to do with McAfee. I went in and deleted everything and then became concerned because I wasn't sure if I was deleted just McAfee files or was I deleting things I shouldn't be. So I stopped and started to reinstall the virus program but I get an error message saying I have to remove the program before I reinstall it. I can't seem to find anything more to do with McAfee to delete?

    Can anyone help or is this a lost cause? And how can I tell if I have deleted any important files from Windows 98 or something?
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    Disk Cleanup might help, but I'm not positive, I think it only checks certain areas. Double click My Computer, right click C: and click Properties, then click the Disk Cleanup button at bottom.

    If you deleted the program instead of using Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel or using the program's uninstall option, you're likely to have problems getting to the rest of the files that are remaining, since that could include registry entries, and files that are in Program Files, the Windows folder, and System folder, as well as other folders, shared files, dll's etc. Some of these might be no problem, but some have names that aren't recognizable as part of the original program, which is why the Add/Remove Programs option in Control Panel or the program's uninstall wizard is always recommended.

    Maybe one of the clean up programs would help, such as Clean Sweep, or something of that nature. Check Tucows, or some of the other shareware sites and see what's available, SimTel and WinFiles might have some good ones available.

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    That happened to me also, only I did,nt tinker with the registry. The only
    way I was able to remove all of McAfee was to do it from DOS. I found the
    info on what happened on the McAfee site, but I can't remember just exactly
    what and why. I also had professional help with the DOS removal but the info used was found on McAfee site.
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