Hello everyone, I'm currently looking for a new laptop. I have been considering one of the new i5 MacBook pros, but I want to consider any PCs that meet my requirements too.

What I'm going to use my laptop to, in addition to standard tasks, is running Sibelius (notation software) and some simple audio/photo/video editing.

I dont want to think about win7 vs OSX at the moment, as I have reasons for choosing both.

My hardwareish needs is:

iSomething CPU
SSD disk (or the option of-)
Good battery life (at least comparable to MBpros)
Something less bulky/more portable than my current HP Compaq 6715b

I haven't used the search function, so if it is another thread on this, just let me know

Oh, and If this post is better off in another forum, that would be nice to know too.