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Thread: Windows XP laptop will not boot up past the HP Invent screen

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    Windows XP laptop will not boot up past the HP Invent screen

    My computer had been fine all day, and hasn't had any issues whatsoever for a long time. Then it just froze and shut off on me. So I turned it back on, and it will not boot up beyond the HP Invent screen.

    I try pushing every button, putting a disc in, and it does absolutely nothing. I was able to reinstall my operating system using my startup disc, and even after all that, it changed nothing; still just the HP Invent screen. It will not allow me to repair. Can anyone please give me some suggestions as to how I may be able to fix this problem? I don't have the money to get this thing fixed somewhere, so I would greatly appreciate any assistance. Please, can someone help me?

    The computer has no warranty; it is a refurbished model. I've had issues with it in the past and have had to reinstall my operating system before, but I've always been able to solve these problems. This time nothing will work.
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    You are saying you could reinstall windows, xp I assume with no problem from the cd or by running with F5 (I think) on booting?? And then you say putting a disk in, nothing happen. Is there something I don't get?
    And then after the first reboot it stops at he logo witout a '' no device available to boot'' Something fishy. First look in BIOS (F2 or Delete) on booting to see if your HD is detected. Must be if you can reinstall windows. Try F8 for safe mode, but I doubt. Very fishy.

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