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Thread: Is this Specs Good?

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    Is this Specs Good?

    I'm buying a budget computer for mainly 3d visualization purpose..
    Mainly i use 3ds max and photo shop and i play some high end games weekly once for few hours...

    This is what i have come up with.

    Amd 1055t or 1090t... i don't understand the difference.. i mean i can easy overclock without the multiplier...

    Iball bullet cabinet..

    Asus 890 extreme 3 mobo.. its very cheap and acording to reviews its very good,,

    8gb ddr3 corsair 1600 ram ( I intend to overclock)

    nvidia Gtx 470 or gtx 460 by zotac

    BenQ E2200HD 22inc monitor .. had this monitor before it is very accurate and has matte screen .. and its cheap

    any good highend PSU

    i already own 4 hard disks so i don't want to invest on them
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    how much PSU?.........and that monitor is small, very small..............and if you like speed, then a SSD is the way to go if you can afford it...........old HHD's die...............
    if I was to buy a new MB today, then it had better have USB3 and Sata3 on that one looks good for the price
    all in all.....................looks good
    Win10/HAF X/CM 1000W gold/Z77X-UD5H/OC'ed 3770k @4.5GHz/32g G Skill/OC'ed GTX780 @1063MHz-6608MHz/850EVO256g/Vertex3 120g/WD 500 Blk/3 x WD 1T Blk
    Win10/CM Centurion/650W/Z77X-UD3H/OC'ed 2500k @ 4.1GHz/16g Kingston Hyper X/HD6870/HyperXFury SSD 120g/WD 500 Blk/WD 1T Blk
    UBUNTU 15/ AMD @3.2ghz/ GTX460 1g/ 8g Kingston 1600/ 2 x 500g HDD
    doesn't keep me up nights, no siree

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