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Thread: CD Burner and CD ROM configuration

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    Post CD Burner and CD ROM configuration

    What's the best way to configure my CD-Burn and CD-ROM currently I have them both on the same IDE cable on the secondary. I want to be able to copy CD to CD. Thanks.

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    You've got it already configured correctly.

    You should never place an ATAPI device on the same controller as your Hard drive because it will limit the data transfer rate on the controller for that item; ie..ATAPI devices transfer data at a standard rate of 33 MB's per sec, whereas most Hard drives are 66-100 burst rates and transfer data in the 35-50 MB's per sec standard rate. So if you put a CD/DVD device on the primary controller with your Hard drive it will slow it's data transfer rate down to the slower ATAPI device.

    For the exact config i would place the fastest read time CD device as master ( if your player has a data transfer rate higher than the burner, like 52X vs 40X ) then make it master.


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    in the current configuation I have it set up as... with the CDRom (which is 48X) as the secondary slave and the CD-Burner (12x10x32x)as the secondary master, I can't copy CD to CD with both drives on one IDE Cable. And their are only 2 IDE channels on my motherboard (AOpen MK33). So how would that be set up? Thanks.

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    You have it set up correctly. One thing, make the cd burner the master and the other cd rom the slave.


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    If you are using NERO it will tell you not to do it. But I do not listen very well so I do it, have not had a coaster yet.

    One day I will be a pro, Thanks Andy
    One day I will be a pro, Thanks Andy

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    Hey Thanks Andy,

    Me too. Am using Nero along with a burn-proof writer and I just click on through. No coasters.

    Sorry about the salutation. Just every time I see it, it makes me think it's a first and last name or something. Might want to consider putting a comma between thanks and Andy. Just pickin on ya.

    MepsasFlip your configuration around so that the ROM is Master and the burner is Slave. If you have the option, try copying to the harddrive as a middle step for copying one CD to the other. It will take longer, but will assure a hassle free burn. If you have a burn proof unit though, never mind. Just go ahead with the burn and make sure you don't have a lot of other programs running.

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