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Thread: sound card grounded

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    Exclamation sound card grounded

    hi again!

    hw do you fix the problem ofyour sound card getting grounded. at times, my soundcard stops xp detects an unknown (generic) sound card and tries to reinstal it. i later on figured that the sound card is experiencing a ground with the screw. i put maskin tape between the screw and the card when atatcjhed to the pci slot. apparently, this ASUS CUBX motherboard started this previous motherboard never had this it the fault of a bad sound card - cmedia CMI... something? or could it be the current? motherboard?
    the sound works again...i kept on removingthe card from the pci slots and transferred em around till it worked again. i didnt rescrew it back yet. it works fine now but its a headache to fix this every now and then....

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    Athlon 2000+ Thoroughbred cooled by a Thermaltake VOlcano 7+ on an ASUS A7V8X-MX; Runs on 768MB (266) DDR RAM; Display courtesy of an Sapphire Radeon 9550 256MB DDR shown on a 17 inch CTX Monitor. Sound provided by SB Live 5.1 EAX Sound projected through a black Altec Lansing ATP 2.1 speaker system.

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    I would asssume the sound card is degrading before the mother board, the best test is to put another sound card into the motherboard and see if it works ok. Replacing the motherboard would be my second option if another sound card doesnt work right.

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