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Best printer for homeschool 2024: top homeschooling printers

We find the best homeschooling printer on the market for a range of budgets and teaching needs
Last Updated on January 5, 2024
Best printer for homeschool

Homeschooling has been getting more popular throughout the past few years, and although it’s still a modest percentage compared to traditional schools, many parents prefer it as it lets them take a more active approach to their kids’ education.

As a parent who’s homeschooling their child, it can be a fun experience that also allows you to get closer to your loved one. However, it comes with serious responsibilities, including ensuring that your kid has all the traditional schoolwork material available to them so they can get an equal level of development as their peers in traditional schools.

It’s not just about buying the right books, but also the best teaching materials, including answer sheets, practice tests, flashcards, helpful posters, and more.

And while you can buy those things directly from platforms that sell educational material, it quickly becomes expensive and inefficient. So if you want to support your kid with printed materials in the long term, you might want to consider buying a printer and printing their learning sheets directly from home.

But what is the best printer for homeschool? That’s what we’ll answer for you here, so stick around!

Products at a Glance

How we choose the best printer for homeschool

While picking the best printer for homeschool, it’s important to realize that your needs will vary depending on what age group your children are in. For example, children at an earlier stage (i.e. primary school) need printers that can produce beautiful photos, while mid to late teens in the latter grades would benefit more from a fast and efficient text-heavy printer.

There are also other factors to consider while picking the best printer for homeschool, such as tank type, speed, and more.

With all those in mind, we looked for varied models to include so we could accommodate as many people’s needs as possible. And here are the five that made our final list.

Our Recommended

Product Reviews

  • Great printing quality
  • Very low cost per print with a high page yield
  • Fairly small footprint
  • Has all-in-one features
  • Comes with two years worth of ink
  • Not the fastest printing speeds
  • No USB flash drive or Bluetooth support

Our first entry is the Epson EcoTank ET-3760, which is an all-in-one printer with various features and capabilities that make it work well in home office and homeschool settings.

The ET-3760 uses a PrecisionCore printhead, as many other Epson printers do. This allows it to print documents with excellent quality that almost resembles that of laser printers, and you’ll certainly notice it if you print many text documents. That’s because the letters look sharp and very legible with no weird-looking glitches unless you start peeping for errors.

And for those who plan on printing more photos or colored prints in general, you’ll also enjoy the ET-3760’s high-quality photos with excellent sharpness around the edges of objects and decent color profiles. It may not match that of a dedicated photo printer, but it’s more than good enough for most non-professional users.

What you may struggle a bit with here is the printing speeds. They’re not so slow that you’ll be pulling your hair waiting for each paper to come out, but they really could be better.

According to the spec sheet rating, it can go as “fast” as 15 ppm for one-sided monochrome prints, but that’s the best Epson could do with their testing. In most use cases, you’ll find yourself dealing with less than 10 ppm, especially if you often use the much slower double-sided printing.

We won’t hold the printing speeds against Epson though, as they more than make up for it in the ET-3760 with other things like ink efficiency.

If you pick up a pen and paper and calculate your running costs over a long period with this printer, you’ll find that each paper costs you less than a cent to print, even if you only print colorful documents. Not only that, but the printer also comes with enough ink out of the box to last for two years or roughly 6,000 to 7,500 pages.

It also has excellent connectivity options, from Wi-Fi Direct and Ethernet to Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Fire OS Print, and even more if you connect to the Epson app. Unfortunately, though, there’s no support for Bluetooth or direct USB flash drive printing.

Despite that, the Epson EcoTank ET-3760 still makes the most well-rounded printer for homeschool in our opinion.

  • Excellent print quality
  • Very low cost per print
  • Has all-in-one features
  • Intuitive 3” touchscreen
  • Numerous connectivity options, including Bluetooth
  • Printing speeds could be better
  • Only one input tray apart from the ADF

While coming up with our shortlist, we were conflicted between the initial ET-3760 and the HP Smart Tank 7602, which is a very respectable homeschool printer in its own regard that’s very comparable to our best overall pick but with some user experience differences.

The printing quality is commendable, as the output is similar to that of high-end laser printers that you could find in small or medium-sized offices. If you want to print black-and-white text files, you’ll get documents with easily legible text and overall high-character sharpness.

Once you start zooming in on text docs, you’ll see the real differences between the HP Smart Tank 7602 and a professional laser printer. But from a distance, you’d almost need to be looking for an error to find it.

Photo printing is quite robust, too. The HP Smart Tank 7602 offers various graphics settings within its operating system, which you can adjust through the 3” touchscreen mono graphics display. But by default, the settings are already good and will produce vibrant color profiles and neat edge sharpness. We did notice some banding in low-contrast photos, but it’s nothing too bad for a printer in this price range.

Our main problem with the HP Smart Tank 7602 is the same as the previous Epson ET-3760: the printing speeds.

Again, the speeds aren’t terribly slow, but they can often dip below 10 ppm in daily use. Although the printer is rated for up to 15 ppm for black and white prints, this will only really happen under ideal circumstances in a new model.

However, with the 7602, you can switch to draft mode to reach up to 22 ppm by sacrificing some print quality, and we always appreciate HP including this option for printing in busy times.

One advantage the 7602 has over the ET-3760 is the various connectivity options. Although both of them cover many bases, the 7602 supports direct printing from Bluetooth and USB flash drives. And that can be enough to seal the deal for some. In contrast, a notable drawback is that there’s only one paper input tray.

Overall, the HP Smart Tank 7602 is excellent and covers plenty of ground with its high-quality prints and attractive price point.

  • Great and sharp print quality
  • Fast printing speeds (up to 25 ppm)
  • All-in-one features (scanner and copier)
  • High page yield
  • Comes with four toner cartridges
  • No ADF or fax
  • High cost per print

If you prefer laser printers, you can also find many excellent options to use while homeschooling your kids, but our favorite is the Brother HL-L3290CDW multi-functional laser printer. It may look bulky to someone who’s used to inkjet printers, but it’s fairly portable and has a manageable weight for a laser model.

The HL-L3290CDW comes at a fairly attractive price for what it offers. For starters, the print quality is super clear and sharp, as you’d expect from a laser printer. Once you hold the output paper and look at the quality, you can tell this model can go up against business-oriented printers that cost 2-3+ times as much.

It’s widely known that laser printers are excellent for printing text documents, which is why they’re popular in many busy offices and schools. But do they also sacrifice photo quality for that?

With the HL-L3290CDW, photo prints are actually impressive. They may not look as bright and saturated as a dedicated photo printer, but the details are well-defined and the edges are sharp. Even tiny needle-sized details are visible here, so they won’t disappoint in this area.

All this comes with a fantastic printing speed of 25 ppm for monochrome and color papers. And if you’re looking to just print a few papers, you’ll be delighted with the HL-L3290CDW’s first print output time of just 14 seconds!

As for the running costs, this is where you may start to see the biggest sacrifice of choosing a laser printer instead of an inkjet one. With the HL-L3290CDW, it can cost 10 times as much to print one paper, and color prints are especially expensive and can go over 10 cents per print. For reference, some similarly-priced inkjet printers can do monochrome or color prints for less than a cent each.

Moreover, we were disappointed by the absence of some common connectivity options, most notably, Ethernet and Bluetooth. This might be an issue if you’re planning to keep it at home connected to your router via LAN cable.

But apart from those, the Brother HL-L3290CDW offers nearly unmatchable printing quality and speeds for a printer in this price range, making it our pick for the best laser printer for homeschool.

  • Great print quality with sublime color profiles
  • Supports up to 13” x 19” supertabloid printing
  • Relatively low cost per print
  • Very high page yield
  • Respectable footprint for its print sizes
  • No ADF

If your primary need out of a homeschool printer is getting the best possible photo quality, whether that’s for demonstrating subjects to your kids or printing some useful flashcards or educational posters, then look no further than the Epson EcoTank Photo ET-8550 inkjet printer.

The ET-8550 is a wide-format printer, meaning it can print papers larger than the regular US letter size (A4). In this instance, it’s capable of up to 13” x 19” prints, which is called supertabloid size.

Printing in supertabloid can be very useful while homeschooling. For instance, you can print large posters to hang on your kids’ walls to help them retain some information, such as the timetable, periodic table, or useful mnemonics.

You can even use it to print fun things your kids can enjoy on their breaks, such as coloring sheets.

We had high expectations for the print quality and weren’t disappointed! The objects look sharp and detailed and there are no blurry lines or crooked edges in the prints. It easily has the text front covered.

As for colored prints, you already know we chose it as the best photo printer for homeschool for a reason. The colors it produces are fantastic with no visible banding or streaking anywhere, even if you get closer and search for them.

You can also make use of the ET-8550’s flatbed color scanner and photocopier to reproduce images and the output quality is so good it almost looks like the original.

The printing speeds aren’t exactly fast, but they’re good enough, reaching up to 16 ppm for monochrome pages but struggling a bit with double-sided ones. However, if you print in the large tabloid or supertabloid page sizes, you’ll get noticeably slower speeds as it takes the printer more time to fill the papers.

And although the ET-8550 comes at a steeper price than the other options here, it doesn’t come with an ADF, which makes large-volume scanning more tedious.

Still, it’s an excellent photo printer that can cover your text and color-based needs equally. And its wide-format paper support opens new doors of creativity for homeschool.

  • Very affordable - budget friendly
  • Great print quality
  • Has an ADF with auto duplex printing
  • Good color profiles
  • All-in-one features
  • Very slow printing speeds
  • High cost per print
  • No Wi-Fi Direct or Bluetooth

You don’t need to break the bank to buy a good printer for homeschool, as the Canon PIXMA TR4520 can satisfy all your needs at a fraction of what other options cost. But you need to be ready to make some sacrifices.

With the TR4520, the print quality is actually decent considering its price, and easily beats most other printers in the same price range. The text quality is good, but the photo quality is what blew us away. And this seems to be a common pattern in many Canon printers.

Despite being this affordable, the TR4520 also has all the AIO features you’ll need: scanner, fax, and copier. And it even has a small ADF within its compact and lightweight frame.

The biggest sacrifices you’ll be making for something at this price are the slow printing speed, high cost per print (common in budget printers), and the lack of some common connectivity options.

But apart from that, the PIXMA TR4520 is the best budget printer for homeschool.

Best printer for homeschool: features and considerations

Knowing how to pick the best printer for homeschool can help you make a more informed decision before finalizing your purchase. Here are our top five factors:

Text Quality

While homeschooling, you’ll definitely be printing a lot of text, so you’ll want to look for something that can produce sharp characters without any bleeding between them. Remember, the text should be easily legible from any distance unless you start looking for errors.

Photo Quality

Depending on the stage your kids are at, they might need photos to help with learning. In that case, look for a printer that can produce crisp-looking photos with good colors.

Size and Form Factor

You probably don’t need a large printer to cover your homeschooling needs, so look for something that’s light enough that you can move it around if you need to and doesn’t take up a massive footprint.

What type of printer is best for homeschooling – inkjet or laser?

This depends on whether your homeschooling focuses more on text or colored prints. If your kids are in primary school, then you might prefer an inkjet printer for its vibrant colors. Meanwhile, older kids who only study with text documents often prefer a faster and sharper laser printer.

Is an all-in-one printer necessary for homeschooling?

No, all-in-one features aren’t strictly essential for homeschool. But you could find some features helpful, especially scanning and copying.

What connectivity options should I consider when choosing a homeschool printer?

This depends on your needs, but Wi-Fi and Ethernet are excellent options for homeschool. If you’re an Apple user, you could definitely make use of AirPrint.

Our Verdict

There are many printers that can cover your specific homeschooling needs, but we found the most balanced and best printers for homeschool to be the Epson EcoTank ET-3760 and the HP Smart Tank 7602, both of which are very similar inkjet printers that can produce beautiful documents and photos at an affordable price.

If you want something more budget-friendly, then you can’t go wrong with the Canon PIXMA TR4520, which costs a fraction of some of its competitors and its results are quite convincing.